Colin Le Duc

sand gardener

Some Excavated Wounds

Granite holds echoes of trauma.

Some Excavated Wounds

** A labour sim. Content warning for dark themes, and flashing lights. **

Devon, England, is a root site of deep cultural trauma; the legacy of colonialism, slavery, and the systematic exploitation of workers and the land. You could say the whole place has been built on top of this exploitation, tunnels wound the landscape, many uncharted, unknown, and harbouring dark secrets.

In geological time, the Devonian period was the time in which granite was formed by molten rock.

Granite was mined in Devon and used to construct Dartmoor prison by French and American prisoners of war. The prison has not renewed its funding contract with the government and is pending closure.

The Stone Tape Theory is a way to explain hauntings: the energy present in moments of trauma is so great that it is absorbed by the surrounding rock… recorded like tape… awaiting playback under certain circumstances…

What do we use to record trauma and play it back? What memories of enslavement do these objects harbour?
A labour sim. Content warning for dark themes, and flashing lights.

"As you explore the roots of it all, it will pull you down – just like in reality, when we try to face our own issues. The confrontation is energy draining after all, but necessary for the healing process. Even when we are just staring in the void at the end." - Sebastian Standke

Gameplay video by Sebastian Standke:

This is a Sand Gardeners project

The Sand Gardeners are conceptual artist Sam Machell and visual programmer Colin Le Duc, sometimes in collaboration with master mapmaker Marc Loths.

They are interested, varyingly, in lost futures, haunted texts, and psychedelic memories of abandoned worlds.

They have exhibited work internationally, across the fields of video games, playful installation, and visual art.