it’s been a long night, and it’s only going to get longer. philip marlowe doesn’t understand the mystery. a short abstract neo-noir experience about confusion, memory, driving, mysteries, cats, and raymond chandler’s classic the long goodbye.

video from gamejamcurator

made for the no shit sherlock jam in 48 hours.

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“Most detective or crime based games focus on the cases, not on the characters. The players have to crack the mysterious murder, they have to find out who is a criminal, they achieve something in the end. But what happens if you take that achievement away and then confront your players with a struggling detective, whose mind and memory seem to be uncontrollable?” - gamejamcurator

“Taking you to another slightly strange narrative, Philip Marlowe Doesn’t Understand The Mystery shows you a window into the life of a detective that just isn’t understanding their case. The clues, the information they have, none of it adds up.” - rock paper shotgun

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