Colin Le Duc

sand gardener

I met a traveller from an artificial land

The images you see were [stolen] from virtual voyages; explorations of some of the world’s various Plymouths. From Massachusetts to Michigan, the United Kingdom to Monsterrat, Nova Scotia to Trinidad & Tobago. The legacy of colonialism groans on.

… And what is that written between the clouds? What name was erased? Don’t look for too long. Loitering is not permitted here. The body you inhabit is only temporary, you understand? Your tripod is unstable. The connection is faulty.

When Tisquantum, the Native American who acted as mediator, was freed from enslavement he returned to the land he once knew to find it desolate - everyone there lay dead, bodies ravaged by smallpox brought over by the British. This was 1622.

Artificial intelligence understands reality by segmenting what it sees into discrete categories (sky // land // building // sea) and hallucinates to fill in the gaps. Hazy? Sure. But when faced with this legacy, what do you see?


This is a Sand Gardeners project

The Sand Gardeners are conceptual artist Sam Machell and visual programmer Colin Le Duc, sometimes in collaboration with master mapmaker Marc Loths.

They are interested, varyingly, in lost futures, haunted texts, and psychedelic memories of abandoned worlds.

They have exhibited work internationally, across the fields of video games, playful installation, and visual art.