This is a Sand Gardeners project. It means the writing, the art, and half or more of the design are done by the artist Sam Machell.

Brownie Cove Express

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Marc Loths - Animator


Brownie Cove Express is a haunted collage adventure game about trains, snow, ghosts, and memories. It will depart in winter.

Across windy mountain trails and tracks, snowy static blizzards, and other such cold wintery magics, a train powers on - carrying a group of mysterious travellers to an unknown fate - you explore their stories through experimental narrative and playful vignettes.

Much of the game is spent reading and interacting with the 6 complex and intriguing characters through choices. Rather than focusing on large branching stories where players can control the outcome, the story is more linear with a focus on experimental prose, with the choices reflecting player expression and curiosity.


    "This is definitely a game with a lot to say and a lot to think about; it's experimental for a reason, so certainly not for everyone, but players that can appreciate something deep, artful, and unique will appreciate Brownie Cove Express." - Mirror

    "I have never been taken to such emotional depths so quickly as I have been with Brownie Cove Express. It’s a nearly-painful look at what exists within ourselves, forcing me to face some things I’d long buried." - Indie Games +

    "The artwork is excellent and the trailer and official website help to create a surreal and unsettling tone. Who knows what mysteries Brownie Cove Express will hold, but it certainly looks like it’s going to be an interesting ride." - Alpha Beta Gamer

    "Sand Gardeners were certainly able to grab our judges attention, and leave them just wondering what fate awaits those on the Brownie Cove Express." - PC Games Insider

Brownie Cove Express Brownie Cove Express Brownie Cove Express Brownie Cove Express Brownie Cove Express Brownie Cove Express Brownie Cove Express