This is a Sand Gardeners project. It means the writing, the art, and half or more of the design are done by the artist Sam Machell.

Definition of a ghuest

hotel documentary


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Ludum Dare #41




Definition of a ghuest is a game about a film about an art piece about a hotel.

We interpreted the theme as a transfer of one medium into another… i.e. an installation piece remade as a documentary, or a film being viewed within a video game. What is gained and what is lost when two incompatible mediums collide?


    "The game developers came up with a new idea, term or concept, and let you face it in a virtual environment. You will get it when you try it out." - Game Jam Curator

    "Definition of a Ghuest fait bien plus que combiner deux genres comme le suggérait le thème de la Ludum Dare 41. Il combine aussi les histoires, les médias, prêt à tout pour n’entrer dans aucune case." - Oujevipo (FR)

Definition of a ghuest Definition of a ghuest Definition of a ghuest