This is a Sand Gardeners project. It means the writing, the art, and half or more of the design are done by the artist Sam Machell.

Between Stations

tv simulator


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Ludum Dare #40


Unity + Arduino


You can't remember what time it is, but you know it is late. you have just checked into your room at the Brownie Cove Hotel. the bed is lumpy and you can't sleep, but the tv is tempting...

Almost a year after its release, we made a physical version of the game to be showcased in the Leftfield Collection at EGX 2018.


    "There is only so many to watch before the static overcomes the TV’s resistance entirely. I am drawn to see all of the shows and understand what is behind each one…" - Rock Paper Shotgun

    "We saw many games at EGX 2018 but none were presented with such a unique style that Between Stations came with." - Codec Moments

    "The deliberately mundane vessel of old, late-night hotel television is elevated by parodical wit and the elements of novelty and surprise." - The Indie Game Website

    "Between Stations catches this scenario perfectly and is also such an amazing narrative experience, that I really hope that you will play it." - Game Jam Curator

    "Guilt, awkwardness, humour, unease and confusion are delivered in rapid succession by this game, presented purely through simple multiple choice decision making." - Finger Guns

    "EGX’s Leftfield Collection is famous for always having at least one game with a strange custom hand built controller. Actually this year there’s more than one, but Between Stations stands out." - Trusted Reviews

    "Se basant sur divers témoignages retrouvées sur des tablettes anciennes, Between Stations se veut une reconstitution fidèle de cette télévision, de cette « télé » comme disaient les anciens, de cette époque où il neigeait tous les jours entre les stations." - Oujevipo (FR)

Between Stations Between Stations Between Stations Between Stations Between Stations