This is a Sand Gardeners project. It means the writing, the art, and half or more of the design are done by the artist Sam Machell.


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Ludum Dare #38




Play as Cashbags Michael, notorious concierge at Brownie Cove Hotel, check in guests, help sort out problems, feel the crippling anxiety and stress of looking after an infinite number of people!


    "I don't say 'wowza' very often, but here's a game that calls for it, so here goes. OK. Ahem. Wowza." - PC Gamer

    "There’s a lot more going on at the Brownie Cove Hotel than meets the eye – it’s said that a place of paradise is never what it seems." - Rock Paper Shotgun

    "It’s a fun game with charming hand drawn visuals and a quirky sense of humor. Do well and you may even come across some new customers who can give you some insight into the dark past this hotel has…" - Alpha Beta Gamer

    "If there was a game that had some Kindergarten style of humor to it, this is it. The Cashbags Man is one of the weirdest games I've played, and as a game jam style of game, it's surprisingly good. It's a Hotel Simulator...sort of." - Gray Still Plays

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