Colin Le Duc

sand gardener


Fantasy roadtrip revolution.

Exhaustlands Armor Games

It is a time of war.

The RESISTANCE is dwindling, and the last remaining members take refuge in an abandoned power station in the heart of the EXHAUSTLANDS.

The FASCIST army moves closer everyday - unstoppable and hungry.

Under the cold BROWNIE COVE sun, members of the Resistance journey out into the lands to explore the area, and prepare to do battle with the approaching DARKNESS.

Space is running out, time is running out, faith is running out. But they can do this.

At the EGX Rezzed Leftfield Collection 2019 we showed a collaborative version of Exhaustlands. Players worked together on the same virtual and physical map, adding their discoveries and progress, leaving hints for future adventurers, or making anonymous mistakes, impacting future success silently along the road. Each player would also have to grapple with the playfully hellish controller made from a child’s toy wheel.

"[T]he only memory I take away is a lonely drive through a remorseless, unrelenting darkness, unsure if there was anything out there at all." - Electron Dance

"Interested in a game of a completely different kind? For the Ludum Dare 42, the Sand Gardeners have jumped into a particularly unusual genre combination." - Sebastian Standke

"Exploring the mysterious world of Exhaustlands is a very interesting experience, with lots of strange sights to see and secrets to discover." - Alpha Beta Gamer

  • EGX Rezzed 2019 Leftfield Collection - Official Selection
  • Gamecurator's GOTY 2018 - Atmosphere category
  • #79 of the 100 best free indie games of all time - The Indie Game Website

Gameplay video by Sebastian Standke:

This is a Sand Gardeners project

The Sand Gardeners are conceptual artist Sam Machell and visual programmer Colin Le Duc, sometimes in collaboration with master mapmaker Marc Loths.

They are interested, varyingly, in lost futures, haunted texts, and psychedelic memories of abandoned worlds.

They have exhibited work internationally, across the fields of video games, playful installation, and visual art.