Colin Le Duc

sand gardener


Overwhelmed behind the desk.

Cashbags Armor Games

Time for work, Cashbags! At the Brownie Cove Hotel, anything goes… and you are in charge.

Check in strange guests from bizarre lands, get involved in conspiracies and stories, try to keep the hotel afloat, and uncover the dark mystery that you have tried to forget…

"There’s a lot more going on at the Brownie Cove Hotel than meets the eye – it’s said that a place of paradise is never what it seems." - Rock Paper Shotgun

"I don't say 'wowza' very often, but here's a game that calls for it, so here goes. OK. Ahem. Wowza." - PC Gamer

"It’s a fun game with charming hand drawn visuals and a quirky sense of humor. Do well and you may even come across some new customers who can give you some insight into the dark past this hotel has…" - Alpha Beta Gamer

Gameplay video by GrayStillPlays:

Gameplay video by Hypercore Ripper:

This is a Sand Gardeners project

The Sand Gardeners are conceptual artist Sam Machell and visual programmer Colin Le Duc, sometimes in collaboration with master mapmaker Marc Loths.

They are interested, varyingly, in lost futures, haunted texts, and psychedelic memories of abandoned worlds.

They have exhibited work internationally, across the fields of video games, playful installation, and visual art.